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Medicare Savings Program

The Medicare Savings Program is a federal program where you can get help from your state paying your Medicare premiums.


In some cases, if you meet certain conditions, the Medicare Savings Programs may also pay:

The Medicare Policy Experts can help you determine if you may qualify for the program and help you submit an application, for FREE.

Do I Qualify for the Medicare Savings Program?

To be accepted into the Medicare Savings Program, there are certain resource qualifications that must be met. The resources that are countable when qualifying for the Medicare Savings Program include:

  • Money in a checking or savings account

  • Stocks

  • Bonds

  • Monthly Income Ranging Between $1,084 and $1,960

Countable resources don't include:

  • Your primary home

  • One car

  • Burial plot

  • Up to $1,500 for burial expenses if you have put that money aside

  • Furniture

  • Other household and personal items


Even if you think your resources are too high, you should still apply for the Medicare Savings Program.

You can find additional information by visiting

Get Free
Medicare Help!

Book a FREE Consultation To:

✓ Compare Costs of Plans

✓ Estimate Your Savings

 Help You With Enrollment

There are 4 Kinds Medicare Savings Programs

  • Qualified Medicare Beneficiary

  • Specified Low Income Medicare Beneficiary

  • Qualifying Individual

  • Qualified Disabled and Working Individuals

Should I Apply for the Medicare Savings Program?

If you can answer "yes" to these three questions, you should apply for the Medicare Savings Program:

  1. Do you have, or are you eligible for, Part A?

  2. Is your income for 2020 at, or below, the income limits listed for any of the programs above?

  3. Do you have limited resources, below the limits above?

How Do I Apply for the Medicare Savings Program?

You can apply for the Medicare Savings Program in a few different ways. Anyone who applies for the Extra Help program can request their application be sent to their state's Medicaid office or you can call your state Medicaid office directly.

The easiest way would be to call the Medicare Policy Experts at 816-608-6100. We're experts in the Medicare Savings Program and would be happy to assist you absolutely free. 

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